Community Meeting June 28 Facility Needs
NC Education Golf Tournament Registration Form
Preschool at the Seneca Theatre
Riding Tricycles at the Health Fair
Big 7 record breaking athlete Caleb Hynek sprinting and jumping over hurdles
Mr. Todd Krause (middle) conducting the 6th grade NCEMS band
Eighth Grade Jumping in the Pool after Boat Races
Macklin Reinecke and Dani Reinecke on the left and Will Macke and Betsy Macke on the right
Kindergarten class at the zoo
6th grade class at Sycamore Springs
Some second graders at the Discovery Center
Both 3rd grade classes at the Discovery Center
The TK takes a picture.
Students shopping at the AR Store
Class picture at Worlds of Fun
Third grade in front of the Pony Express Museum
KSHSAA Award Winners
Fourth Grade Kids Grouped at the Field Trip