Kennedy going up for the shot
Kennedy defending number 14 on the Hiawatha team
Noah battles his opponent
Bailey getting the rebound against Atchison
Macy Holthaus shooting a free throw
Hudson Kuckleman taking down his opponent
the girls showing off their noodle cars
Kollin Wagner working hard to pin his opponent
NCEMS students singing God Bless America
team watches in suspense as Kaden battles his opponent
Kinsey and Macy fighting for the ball
Will fights his way to a pin
First Grade Students Singing "Gobble Gobble"
Kinsey #35 goes up for the shot
basketball girls playing Hungry Hippos
Piper Hiltgen going up for a shot
Xavier preparing for his match
costume parade
Lady Thunder working hard to defend the basket
Kinsey at the free throw line after being fouled