NCMS Wrestling Team Photo

On Monday, December 5 the Nemaha Central Middle School wrestlers headed to Riverside to try and claim the title of being the first Big Seven League Championship winners in NCMS history. The schools that competed at the tournament were Holton, Jeff West, Perry-Lecompton, Sabetha, Riverside, and Royal Valley.

 There were nine 8th grade wrestlers competing at this meet. Harry Langill wrestled at 90 lbs and went 2-0; Isaac Heinen wrestled at 100 lbs and went 3-2; Brady Koch wrestled at 115 lbs and went 3-1; Colten Corby wrestled at 120 lbs and went 2-1; Gus Rusche wrestled at 127 lbs and went 1-3; Conner Lueger wrestled at 134 lbs and went 2-2; Logan Richards wrestled at 141 lbs and went 3-1; Caleb Hynek wrestled at 148 lbs and went 5-0; and Kyler Ganstrom wrestled at 180 lbs and went 2-0.

 “It was hard and painful, but we pushed through it,” said Gus Rusche.

Six 7th graders competed in this tournament for the Thunder team. Landon Mady wrestled at 95 lbs and went 1-1; Braden Macke wrestled at 95 lbs and went 2-2; Cole Ranieri wrestled at 105 lbs and went 3-2; Dason Hill wrestled at 110 lbs and went 2-0; Noah Hilbert wrestled at 110 lbs and went 1-3; and Will Deters wrestled at 165 lbs and went 2-2.

 “It was very fun. We got to hang out with each other and I’m happy we won the Big 7 Championship,” said Landon Mady.

The Thunder team couldn’t have been as successful without the help of the managers Cora Langill, Cormik Hajek, Tate Edelman, Delayna Ellis, Harper Foster, and Mason Schultejans. Some of these students were wrestlers but became managers after suffering an injury during the season and being unable to wrestle at the league tournament.

This tournament was really challenging and tough and some emotions came with it. In the end, the Thunder wrestlers ended up winning barely beating Royal Valley. It was a beautiful way to end the season as the first NCMS team to win the Big Seven League Championship!

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