NCMS Team photo

The Nemaha Central Middle School basketball girls traveled to Sabetha on Saturday, November 12, in the hopes of picking up a couple more wins against the Atchison Phoenix and the Marysville Bulldogs. Both seventh grade and eighth grade A-teams were competing in this tournament. The teams were very excited to have a day full of basketball.

The seventh grade started off the morning playing the Atchison Phoenix. The NC girls came out pumped and ready to add some more wins to their record. The Thunder came out offensively tough taking the lead in the first quarter 16-4. Both teams had a rough second quarter only scoring 2 points making the score at halftime 18-6. 

Coming back after halftime, the Thunder was ready to keep outscoring their opponent. The Thunder looked to increase their lead against the Phoenix. The Thunder increased their lead and ended the third quarter 24-6. Starting the final quarter with a good lead, the team added11 points to their score, making the final score 35-6 with a Thunder victory. 

The eighth grade came ready to play their first game also playing the Atchison Phoenix. NC had a great start in the game and ended the first quarter 9-2. The Thunder team was ready to increase their lead, but managed just a few points going into halftime with a score of 15-5. 

The girls came out after halftime pumped up and ready to win the game. Their motivation helped them add 6 more points to the board, finishing up the third quarter, 21-8. The Thunder continued their stride and racked up eight points, winning the game 29-17.

“We had some tough competition but still pulled out the win,” McKenzie Rottinghaus said.

It was time for the seventh grade to play their last game of the day against the Marysville Bulldogs. They were looking to take another win for the day. The Bulldogs were a very aggressive team, but the Thunder kept up finishing the close quarter ahead 7-4. The tough game continued but the Thunder dominated the quarter, ending the half 13-4.

The team brought their momentum for the second half and added 8 points to the board, finishing the third quarter 21-4. The Thunder were ready to end the game and leave with two wins for the day. They did just that, getting the victory with a score of 22-7.

“The games were really fun to watch and the competition was tough,” said Nola Sudbeck.

The eighth grade team was ready to finish up the day with a win against the Marysville Bulldogs. The team came out ready to play, but only ended the first quarter 6-3. In the second quarter, the girls picked up some points and went into halftime with a Thunder lead 14-5.

The Thunder came out of halftime with momentum from the first half which gave them an advantage in the third quarter. They only added a few points, but still ended the quarter with a lead of 17-9. The fourth quarter came and the girls were ready to finish the day with a win. They racked up 11 points, which made a 16 point Thunder victory. The final score of the game was 28-12.

Both Thunder teams went 2-0 in the tournament. The girls are playing well and hope to finish the rest of the season with wins.  Way to go Lady Thunder! 

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