Dason Hill gets the win

On Thursday, November 10, the Nemaha Central Middle School wrestling team took a trip to Atchison County Community Junior High in Effingham for their wrestling meet. 

At this meet,  there were nine 8th graders participating in this meet. At 90 pounds, Harry Langill went 4-0; at 115 pounds, Brady Koch went 2-1; at 120 pounds, Harper Foster went 3-0; at 120 pounds, Gus Rusche went 2-1; at 120 pounds, Colten Corby went 4-0; at 134 pounds, Conner Lueger went 0-4; at 141 pounds, Logan Richards went 2-2; at 148 pounds, Caleb Hynek went 4-1; and at 180 pounds, Kyler Ganstrom went 2-0.

“It was a hard but pretty standard meet. I think everyone did well," said Kyler Ganstrom.

There were five 7th graders wrestling at this meet. At 90 pounds, Landon Mady went 1-1; at 95 pounds, Braden Macke went 2-2; at 105 pounds, Dason Hill went 1-3; at 115 pounds, Noah Hilbert went 1-3; and at 165 pounds, Will Deters went 0-3.

“This was a really hard meet but also was a fun one,"  said Landon Mady.

Overall this meet was fairly tough for most of the wrestlers, but it was also a good learning experience and a good way to get better.