Halloween Class Picture

The Nemaha Central Elementary and Middle School celebrated Halloween on Monday, October 31. The preschool through fifth grade classes had parties where they wore their costumes and played fun Halloween games with their classmates.  There was also a parade of costumes around the school so all could see the fun costumes. The middle school could also wear costumes to school and there was a contest and a bake sale for them to take part in.

Some of the younger students played some bean bag toss into Jack o lantern buckets, pin the nose on the Jack o lantern, and guess what the witch part is for example brains- spaghetti, as kids stuck their hands in mystery bags. They also had games where they played to win little prizes like candy, toys, or maybe even a little pumpkin bucket. 

Riley Berkley said, "It was fun and exciting."

During some other Halloween parties, the classes played some activities with their classmates. Some of the activities they played were candy toss, ring toss, bingo, charades, minute-to-win-it games, and many other fun games. 

Avery Lueger said, “It was fun and we played a lot of games.”

In the middle school, the students had the option to dress up as anything they wanted to, but they had to abide by one rule. The rule was that the costume couldn't interfere with learning. Individually, you could try to win an award by either dressing up as the best character of a TV show, dressing with a movie-themed costume, or dressing up as the biggest sports fan. The last competition was dressing up as characters from a movie or TV-themed show.

The winners of the costume contest were Colten Corby for the character off of  TV, Brooklyn Hoskins for the best movie-themed character,  and Noah Hilbert for the biggest sports fan. The winners of the best group movie theme were Austin Jones, Maggie Jones, Marin Heinen, Emma Hermesch, Kendra Schmitz, Ella Huerter, Alex Burkitt, and Teagan Lueger.

It was a fun day celebrating Halloween at NCEMS.

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