Game at the Pep Rally

The Nemaha Central Elementary and Middle School had its second pep rally of the year on Monday, November 7. The pep rally was held to explain how the girls basketball season and wrestling seasons were going and to wrap up fall sports.  As usual, there was also a fun game planned.

Dr. Beck started off the pep rally by asking the girls basketball coaches, Coach Bethany Griffith and Coach Jessie Macke, to explain how their season was going. The girls basketball team was called down to be recognized. The coaches gave an update on how well the Thunder teams were doing and they also announced that the seventh grade A-team was undefeated so far.

Next, the coaches for the fall sports came down to give a wrap-up of the season. Coach Hadden Hiltgen mentioned that the football team had a three-way tie for the league title with each of the schools losing only one game.  Coach Nikki Honeyman shared that both the seventh and eighth grade teams placed second in their league tournaments. Coach Jon Thomas explained how well the cross country team did and how Brady Koch got first in multiple races. The pep rally moved to a fun "Heads or Tails" game as they were waiting for Coach Schuyler Mayberry to come.

To play "Heads or Tails," you need to either put your hands on your head for "Heads" or put your hands behind your back for "Tails" and if it didn’t land on your side of the coin you were out and had to sit down. All of the wrestlers and girls basketball players played in this game, after a long and intense match, Brady Koch ended up winning the game.

Morgan Sura said, “It was exciting to show my Thunder spirit and fun to watch the big kids play Heads or Tails.”

After the game was over, Coach Mayberry arrived and the wrestlers were asked to come down. Coach Mayberry explained how the wrestlers were doing and encouraged everyone to come out and watch them wrestle.

The pep rally wrapped up with the traditional Victory cheer for the “Spirit Stick.” Coach Griffith and Coach Hiltgen were the judges of this competition and decided that the fourth grade had the most spirit to win the spirit stick.

Kalem Schmelzle said, “It was fun to get out of the classroom and see everybody’s Thunder spirit.”

No matter how many pep rallies NC has, they are always fun and never get old.

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