Veterans' Standing for the National Anthem

It was an exciting day for the students and staff of Nemaha Central Elementary and Middle School. Our local Veterans headed to the gym for the annual NCEMS Veterans’ Day Celebration on Friday, November 11. Students had the opportunity to invite any Veteran to attend the annual event. People from the community were also able to attend the event to honor the Veterans.

Maqurah Olp said, “My favorite part of Veterans’ Day was when we listened to the patriotic music during the videos.”

The celebration started off with Marin Heinen welcoming all the Veterans and thanking them for their service. Leann Dalinghaus and Olivia Ganstrom, high school students, sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Next, Caleb Hynek stepped up to the podium and led the crowd in saying the Pledge of Allegiance and Alan Mueting followed it up with a prayer. Afterward, Mason Schultejans, Makenzie Howard, Austin Jones, Alex Burkitt, and Caleb Hynek explained the different branches of the military to the audience. When the students were singing the song about the branch of the military, the Veterans stood if they were in that branch to be recognized.

Harry Langill said, “Veterans’ Day to me means thanking all Veterans, especially the ones that didn’t make it back.”

The Veterans then came up to the microphone and introduced themselves. After they introduced themselves, they received a hat from local sponsors and an ornament from Rainbow Communications. Alan Mueting returned to the microphone and did a roll call of all the Veterans who have passed away in the last year. Alex Burkitt and Ben Bletscher read off several poems that the middle school students wrote in grammar class.

Mrs. Nikki Honeyman then announced that the students of NCEMS had raised around $500 for the Memorial Wall and the Hall of Honor on their hats and shades day. The students of NCEMS then sang “God Bless the USA.” Marin Heinen ended the Veterans’ Day celebration by thanking everybody for attending. After the celebration, the Veterans were invited to the cafeteria for cookies and coffee provided by the Seneca Library. NCEMS wants to thank ALL Veterans for their service!

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