St. Blaise vet  clinic career

The Nemaha Central Elementary School hosted its annual Careers on Wheels event for the first through fifth grade on Tuesday, September 13. This event was hosted by Sheridan Haverkamp and five community members took time out of their busy schedules to come and inform the students about their careers.

Careers on Wheels is an event where representatives from different businesses show up and tell the students about their careers and some of their duties. Kayla Hulsing from Capture Photography was one of the presenters and she talked to the students about her photography career. Tom Lierz from Schendel Pest Control talked to the students about what insects they spray and other types of things they do. Cameron Alderfer from Ag Partners talked to the students about some of their tasks on the job. Jami Berges from St. Blaise Vet Services talked to the students about some of the animal care they do. Bryce Haverkamp from Northeast District Fire Management also attended and he talked about his line of work in preventing fires.

The students rotated around outside to all the careers. The students learned about new careers to help them get ideas about what they might want to do when they get older. Careers on Wheels is a new experience for the younger students in the school because for many it was their first time attending.

Graham Lueger said, “I learned a lot. It taught me what I might want to be when I grow up.”

In conclusion, Careers on Wheels is a good experience for younger students and for older students because it gives them information about careers. It is a fun time for students because they get to be outside and learn about several interesting careers.

Adrian Cooper said, “It was fun and I learned a lot.”

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