Eighth-grade A-team on the court

The Nemaha Central Middle School girls volleyball team hosted the Royal Valley Panthers on Thursday, September 8. The girls were ready to take on the Panthers and pick up some wins on the season. 

Starting the night off was the eighth-grade A-team. The eighth-grade girls had a not-so-good start to the game but kicked it in gear after getting the ball back, winning the first set 25-9. They came out stronger in the second set and won 25-17. In the third set, the Thunder girls had a good start winning in a tight set, 15-10. 

The eighth-grade B-team started off a little better than the A-team. They put the pedal to the metal from the very beginning, coming out on top with a 25-12 win in the first set. Moving on to their second set, the Thunder girls put it to the Panthers coming out with a big win 25-15 Finally, their last set of the night. They decided to play the third set for fun, but the Thunder girls couldn’t pull out a win, losing 4-15. 

McKenzie Rottinghaus said, "We played our hardest and captured the win, but we still have room for improvements, to be a better team.” 

On the other side of the gym, the seventh-grade A-team was playing a close set but pulled out the win 25-19. In the second set, the girls put it to the Panthers winning 25-12. In the third set of the night, the Thunder girls went out and played a tough last set winning 15-10. 

“We crushed them, but I think it’s the best competition we’ve had all year,” said Clare Wullschleger.

The energy from the A-team rolled over to the B-team match, getting the seventh-grade B-team fired up for their third match of the season. The Lady Thunder stomped the Panthers in the first set winning 25-9. The energy from the first set then carried over to the second set, getting the girls a 25-17 victory. Moving on to the third and final set of the night. The Thunder came out with good mindsets, leading them into a 15-10 win to close out the night. 

    Overall, the Thunder volleyball girls had a great night of volleyball, coming away with all four wins. The NC girls are determined to reach their goals this upcoming season, and become Big 7 League Champs!