Kids holding up signs for their grandparents

The Nemaha Central Elementary School students in kindergarten through fifth grade headed down to Community Drive on Friday, September 2 to celebrate Grandfriends' Day with the community.  The students watched as their grandfriends hopped in their cars and drove down in the parade to greet their grandchildren. The sidewalks were lined with students holding signs that they made, saying nice things like, "I love you."

“People drove by, and they waved at us,” said Levi Spring, third grade.

Cars lined the streets waiting for their turn to drive by the eager students waving at their grandfriends as they drove by in their cars, trucks, campers, and even motorcycles. The sidewalk was busy with students waving at them, saying goodbye as they drove by one last time.

“Grandsfriends' Day is the best day ever because I get to see my grandma and grandpa. Also, this car threw suckers out the windows,” said Brooklyn Korber, fifth grade.

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