Parent filling out forms at Open House

The school year kicked off at Nemaha Central Elementary and Middle School with Open House. The halls were once again filled with families, students, and staff members on Tuesday, August 16. Open House is an event where students get to meet their teachers, drop off school supplies, and explore their new classrooms.

In the elementary classrooms, students and families met their new teachers and saw their new classrooms. Teachers were smiling as they were introduced to their new students. Some teachers even gave their students special treats. Overall, the students were excited to come back to school and check everything out.

Wiliam Edelman said, “I was excited to see the room and how decorative it was. It made me feel excited to start school!”

On the other side of the school, the middle school students were figuring out their new locker combinations. Some students struggled at first but eventually had their combinations down. Some students were eager to talk to their friends and teachers. Students also viewed their 2022-2023 class schedule.

“Open House was fun! I saw my friends after a long time,” stated Anto Cano.

While some have long faces about the new school year, others are excited about new experiences. Overall, Open House was definitely one step in the right direction to kick off the new school year.

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