Several students holding signs at the Grand Friend's parade

Grand Friends Day was celebrated at Nemaha Central Elementary School on Friday, September 3, 2021. This year was different from any other year in the past. The students’ grand friends drove by on a parade instead of the grand friends coming into the school.

The students' grand friends started driving down Community Drive and were greeted by the students. Grand friends were honking their horns and the students were cheering them on. There were a lot of smiling faces as the students lined the street and waved to their grand friends. The students had the opportunity to dress up as their grand friends. Grand friends had the chance to drive by and gaze upon all the outfits and signs their grandchildren had created.

“The Grand Friends parade was pretty good,” Theo Koch said.

“The Grand Friends Day Celebration was really cool and fun,'' Madison Bell said. 

Even if it was not the Grand Friends Day we have had in the past, it was a fun and exciting day for the grand friends and the students! We hope to see all of the grand friends again next year!

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