The 8th grade class from NCMS field trip viewing "The Wall that Heals"

The eighth-graders from Nemaha Central Elementary and Middle School traveled to Marysville on Thursday, August 26, 2021 to see "The Wall That Heals." "The Wall That Heals" is a traveling replica of the Vietnam Wall Memorial in Washington D.C. The students were able to learn lots of exciting facts about the Vietnam War and the memorial wall.

“It was an interesting experience to see what I have not seen before,” said Logan Snell.

When the eighth grade stepped off the bus, they were taken to a trailer with a lot of information displayed. At the trailer, the students listened to volunteers talk about the wall memorial and some of the items that people left in memory of those that died in the war. After the presentations, the students walked to the wall and learned about some of the interesting stories of some of the names engraved on the wall. Students had the opportunity to view the different names on the wall and to try to find anyone they knew. Near the end of the visit, students were told facts about the wall at a booth with some information posted about the wall.

Kathryn Yunghans said, “It was very informative.”

Seeing "The Wall That Heals" was a very informative trip for the eighth grade. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to learn many facts about the Vietnam War and its veterans. It was a very eye-opening experience for the students. The students thank the veterans for their service and welcome them home.