NCEMS First Day of School picture of a family with 4 children attending

Preschool through middle school students flooded the hallways at 7:50 on Thursday, August 19th, 2021 at Nemaha Central Elementary and Middle School for their first day of school. Students, escorted by some of their parents, were in search of their classroom.

In the middle school hallway, students walk into the classroom and immediately start talking to their friends to catch up on every little detail that happened in the summer. After the morning announcements, all the middle school classes went to the gym to listen to the teachers explain some of the rules and play some games against the rest of the classes. Then the students went back to their classrooms to get to know their teachers, play games, go over more rules, and get to know what that class would look like going forward in the year.

Seventh-grader, Alex Burkitt, said, “ The first day of school was exciting and a great change of scenery from summer break”

At the other end of the building, the students in the elementary school hallway started off the school year a bit differently. They entered their classrooms excited that it was time to be back. They received their new iPads, played outside at recess, and many classes played games to get to know everyone.

Adrian Cooper from Mrs. Burdiek’s first-grade class said, “The first day of school was great! I got to get my iPad and play on it. Then at recess, I played basketball with my friends.”

Overall, the first day of school was a success, and the students were so happy to be back with very limited restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic! 

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