A mother smiles while posing with a group of elementary students in the classroom

On Tuesday, August 17, 2021, Nemaha Central Elementary and Middle School opened its doors to the public for an Open House. The faces of families and students were mixed as some people were excited about a fresh start and others were anxious and weary for another year of school.

Elementary students and families walked down the colorful halls and looked at what this school has to offer and what kind of environment they will be in. Students met their new teachers and saw what this year has in store for them.

Kemper Scism said, “It was fun because I got to see my teachers.”

Meanwhile at the other end of the building, middle school students prepared their lockers and organized their supplies. Most students however, focused on finding familiar faces of their fellow classmates and friends.

“The Open House was a good way to get myself back in the groove,” Kailey Mady said.

Teachers of all grades were like-minded knowing that this school year will be good in the fact that they will finally be seeing the smiles on students' faces.

“It was great for the fifth graders to come in so they could work on their locker combinations and see the new part of the school they’ve never been in,” said the 5th-grade teacher, Mrs. Lisa Holthaus.

Even though some students will tell you that going to these types of events are boring, others will say that this school year will be as special as the rest of the years have been. This event was one step in the right direction in getting the year started at NCEMS.