Preschoolers ready to perform

On March 5th, the preschool had their Lyrics and Literacy Program. The first class to go up was Mrs. Melinda Jones’s class. They sang the following songs: Bop Until You Drop, The Stretch Song, Dr. Knickerbocker, The Penguin Song, and We Are Fish! After that, they finished up with some nursery rhymes and recited their sound for the parents in the crowd. Lastly, they replaced the first letter of each word around. For example, they changed the "c" in cat, to a "b" to create the word bat.

The next group to perform was Mrs. Shelly Schmelzle's class. They sang the same songs and the same rhymes and letter switches. Last but not least, Mrs. Carla Hajek's preschool class did not disappoint. They sang all the same songs and did the same things! To finish the night, each class took their parents and families to the classrooms where they showed off their beautiful artwork and where the best spots to play were!

Written By: Zoey Lockhart and Ella Sourk