7th Grade Scholars Bowl Champs!

Starting in mid-February and ending on March 4th, the NC Seventh and Eighth-grade Scholars Bowl Participants worked hard and used their brains to achieve greatness at Scholars Bowl meets. The seventh graders took first place in their respective league and the Eighth grade took 8th. 

The Seventh graders used their combined brain power to answer questions and compete against other schools. With their skill and knowledge, they managed to go undefeated with a few close calls they managed to claim first place in their Big Seven League Championship. The assistant coach, Mrs. Stallbaumer, commented, “The seventh-grade scholars worked hard to learn new information.  With lots of practice,  the seventh-grade team ended the season as League Champs!  I am so proud of all of them for trying something new and stepping outside their comfort zone.”

Seventh-grade stats are posted below:

Hiawatha: 50-60, Win

Holton: 25-90, Win

Jeff West: 50-60, Win

Perry Lecompton: 30-80, Win

Riverside: 40-45, Win

Royal Valley: 40-50, Win

Sabetha: 45-75, Win

Result: 1st Place

The Eighth Graders had a rough time getting through their matches and did eventually get a win against Sabetha. However, they lost the other matches, reserving themselves in 8th place. The head coach, Mrs. Peterson, said, “ I am proud of the students that participated in the scholars bowl.  It is exciting to watch the confidence that they developed throughout the season.”

Eighth-grade stats are posted below:

Hiawatha: 105-5, Loss

Holton: 80-40, Loss

Jeff West: 70-30, Loss

Perry Lecompton: 60-50, Loss

Riverside: 60-30, Loss

Royal Valley: 70-60, Loss

Sabetha: 25-80, Win

Result: 8th Place

Written By: Alex Wichman and Liam Eppich