8th graders get the W at the NC Bash

On Friday, February 23rd, the 8th graders took on the NC staff in the annual NC Bash. The 8th grade started off strong, as Carter Sallbaumer won the jump. After many good passes, Camden Scism scored the first 2 points of the game. The ball went to the staff and everyone rushed to the other end of the court. Mrs. Holthaus passed the ball to Mrs. Koch and scored a 3-pointer for the staff. The ball went back and forth for a while, both teams scoring good points and making awesome shots. The first quarter came to an end with the staff on top. 

Between the first and second quarters, the Pre-K through 1st graders attempted free throw shots to win bottles of pop. Many attempted the shot, and many made the shots, winning many prizes. It was a fun time, and everyone was excited to get on with the Bash. 

The second quarter was interesting. Kinsey Monier and Mr. Williams went face to face, jumping for their team. Unlike the first jump, the 8th graders won the jump and raced down the court with the ball. Unfortunately, the ball was stolen by Mr. Williams, and was passed to Anna. She shot the ball but missed. The ball went to Mrs. Williams, who shot the ball, scoring her team 3 points. The ball was passed, shot, and dribbled for the several last minutes of the 2nd quarter. The quarter concluded with the teachers on top once again. 

During half time, 2nd through 5th grade attempted free throw shots, and over half of the students won pop. Trey Holthaus walked down the court, collecting money for PTO. Trey collected over $250! The shooting lasted for roughly 10 minutes, and the students and staff were eager to get back to playing. 

The third quarter started off strange, the announcers explained that the rest of the game would be only defense. It took some time for the players to get used to this new tactic, but it ended up being quite fun. The 8th graders got the ball first, and Carter Stallbaumer shot a 3 and scored his team the first few points of the 3rd quarter. The ball then went to Mrs. Holthaus, who passed it to Anna. Anna scored! The ball went to Dason Hill, but his mighty mom, Mrs. Hill snatched it from his hands and made a layup. Both teams scored many points, and many fouls were called, but at the end of the 3rd quarter, the staff’s coach was starting to get heated. At the end of the quarter, students and staff were allowed 5 minutes to collect donations and money from their parents, or friends in the stands, willing to bribe the refs for some extra points, or a turnover. This bribing went on for several minutes, and the students raised enough money to surpass the teachers by almost 100 points! Kim Sudbeck, the staff’s coach broke a clipboard in extreme agony of their lack of points. Everyone was cheering loudly and starting chants for both sides. The last quarter determines it all, and it starts now. 

The 4th quarter was again only defense, and both teams decided to up their skill by 105%. Both teams started to get rough with their opponents, and many fouls were called on both sides. The teachers got the ball first, and Coach Macke raced down the court with the ball and scored a layup for her team. Alexis Beebe-Dishong grabbed the ball and chucked it to Cole Ranieri, who shot a 3. The ball went to Mr. Krause, who passed it to Mr. Scism. Mr. Scism shot a 2 but missed, and the 8th graders gained possession of the ball. Camden Scism grabbed it, but Mr. Scism stole it back. He shot once again and scored 3 points for his team. The 4th quarter went on for what felt like 30 minutes, and with 1.7 seconds left, Alexsys Lewis shot an amazing 2 point buzzer beater to finish off the staff. Everyone cheered and applauded Alexsys, and the 8th graders stood victorious once again. 

Coach, Alivia Stallbaumer, said, “They did great, played as a team, and in the end, they came through with the victory!” 

Mrs. Olberding said, “Overall we played a great game and had lots of fun, we look forward to playing again next year.” 

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