Noah Hiltbert wins the jump ball

The NCMS boys basketball team played at Riverside on February 15th. The Eighth-Grade A team started off with Noah Hilbert as the player to fight for the jump ball. Noah swiped the ball to the back giving them the advantage. Despite their best efforts, with Cormik scoring a whopping 17 points total, the 8th Grade A team lost to the Riverside Cyclones 34 to 41. “It was a tough game. Even though we didn’t leave with a win, we still had fun.” said 8th grader, Camden Scism.

B team then got ready for their game against the Cyclones with some warm-ups. Cole led the team with a successful jump ball back to his teammates. Dason led the court with a total of 7 points on his side. NC took the victory with a score of 17-11. Liam said, “It was a hard fight and worth the effort”. 

Unfortunately, the 7th-grade teams lost both of their battles. The A team lost 26-35 and the B team took a tough loss, 4-27. 

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