4th Graders Play an Oreo Game

On February 14th, 2024, Nemaha Central Elementary and Middle School celebrated Valentine’s Day by having parties in their classrooms with their classmates. 


This week the preschool classes had their Valentine’s Day parties. This was held on Wednesday, February 14. First, they were separated into groups. The three preschool classes all participated in making a Valentine's Day necklace with beads, string, and a paper heart. They also decorated their Valentine’s bags with sticker hearts and markers and then passed out candy. They also played Valentine’s Day bingo and played a dice game with pink and white colored M&M’s. All the preschoolers had a “lovely” day!


Kindergarten participated in lots of fun valentines day themed activities. They channeled their inner creativity with colorful hat bands to wear around the school. They tested their luck at Valentine’s Day bingo and had a blast. They used extreme precision in building their eraser tower, using tweezers. Kindergarten students played bag toss using a point map shaped like a heart.

First Grade 

The first-grade classrooms had a great time at their Valentine’s Day parties. Mrs. Cole's room had sections that rotated every five minutes. One group was bowling. They stood at one point and rolled a ball at the pins. Another was coloring or doing other puzzles like word searches and decoding activities. The other group had a Valentine’s Day-themed dart contest. With sticky balls, they threw at the board to try to get the most points for a candy prize. The last group had dice they rolled and each number was correlated to candy taking turns to get candy. In Mrs. Meyer's room, they played bingo. In Mrs. Burdiek's class they played a game that was timed. All they had to do was pick up small candy hearts with chopsticks and put them in a bowl. They had a blast! Another group was coloring hearts and making crafts. They also had a fun time.

Second Grade

The second graders celebrated Valentine’s Day by playing bingo, word searches, writing caring hearts, sharing candy, dancing to just dance, playing sparkle, and much more. These young students had a blast and can’t wait to celebrate next year. Their parties were from 1:00-2:00 pm and the teachers were Mrs. Meyer, Mrs. Holthaus, and Mrs. Heiman. 

Third Grade 

This week, on Wednesday, preschool through fifth grade had a Valentine’s Day party! The third-grade students played games, ate candy, and had a blast. First, they played a die game where if you landed on certain numbers you lost or gained Tootsie Rolls. After that game, they played a game of chance called “Don’t eat Pete” where the students would take candy off of a board with 9 squares. If you took “Pete”, the class would yell “DON'T EAT PETE”. Then, lastly, they played a game where they flipped a cup onto a target and how close you got to a bullseye would determine how many points you would get. By the end of the day, the kids had a bunch of candy and had a lot of fun.

Fourth Grade

On Wednesday, February 14, the Nemaha Central Fourth Grade students enjoyed some Valentine’s Day fun! Each class rotated between the three teachers, each with different activities planned for them. One activity was the Oreo face challenge. Each class was very excited to play this game. Another activity was weaving paper hearts. You had to weave strips of paper under and over each other in the heart. Once they were completed, they looked great! The final game they played was Would You Rather, but outside. The teacher asked which they would rather do and they had to do a certain action to get to the other side, like skipping, running, or even doing the gritty. Each student had a blast and got a lot of Valentines too!

Fifth Grade

On Wednesday, February 14, the Fifth Graders had their Valentine’s Day parties! First, they passed out their Valentine’s Day candies and put them in each other's creative boxes. The first game they played was Pictionary. They had a lot of fun trying to guess what their classmates were drawing! The next game they played was a game where they had to roll the ball into a specific area to get a prize. The last game they played, they had to unwrap a ball of plastic wrap full of candy! They had to unwrap the ball with oven mitts, to get the ball to the next person, the person on the left had to roll doubles on two dice. They finished their party by going outside and having fun!