Cormik Hajek going up for a reverse layup

The NCMS basketball boys played Riverside at NC on Monday, January 2. The 8th-grade A team started at 4:30. The eighth-grade starters spread out onto the court and number 34, Noah Hilbert went up for the jump ball. Noah got the tip, and the ball went to Cole. In the secondary gym number 44, Trent Stuke was up for the jump ball for the seventh-grade A team. 

By halftime, Riverside’s eighth-grade A team had the lead 16-29. During the seventh-grade A team halftime Riverside had the lead. The eighth-grade NC boys were starting to catch up to Riverside, and near the end of the fourth quarter it was close, but in the end, we ended up winning 51-46. The seventh-graders had lost 18-37. 

The B team started warming up right after the A team had finished. Up for the jump ball for the eighth-grade B team was Dason Hill, number 2. Riverside got the ball and had the lead. Up for the jump ball in the seventh-grade B team was Aidan Henry number 24. The halftime score for the eighth-grade B team was 11-14. The halftime score for the seventh-grade B team was 2-8. The eighth-grade B team worked hard and were also missing a player, they, unfortunately, lost 24-35. The seventh-grade B team was also really hard, but it just wasn’t enough. They lost 6-24. 

Both teams played hard in both A and B games, and we plan to beat them in all of the games next time. “We started slow in the first quarter, but we were persistent and came through for the win.” quoted Dason Hill, number 2 on the eighth-grade team. “We played very well in the second quarter, and it was very fun.” quoted Hudson Kuckleman, number 32 on the seventh-grade team. 

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