Delayna about to get a pin

On Thursday, January 25th, the NCMS girls wrestlers traveled to Holton. The girls tried their best and a couple of them came out with a win.

Three seventh graders wrestled and did pretty good. At 92 pounds Cora Langill wrestled and won all of her wrestling matches. Payson Rottinghaus wrestled at 103 pounds. Payson tried her best but lost all of her matches. Khloe Crevier wrestled at 104 pounds. Khloe fought but also lost all of her matches.

Payson said, “ We all had fun and some of us came out with wins”

Two eighth graders wrestled and also did very well at their meet. Wrestling at 150, Charli Fleagle.  Charli put up a very good fight against her opponents and won two of her matches and lost one of them. Delayna Ellis wrestled at 193 pounds. Delayna put up a very good fight and won one of her matches and lost her other one.

Delayna said, “It was a fun but fair meet and a bit tough, but I enjoyed the competition in testing my skill.”

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