The boys hold up their trophy from their victorious Football season

On Monday, January 22, there was a pep rally at the middle school gym to update the students on the NCEMS sports. The pep rally started off with the cheerleaders cheering, “Fans in the Stands”. After the cheer, students Xavier Haverkamp and his little brother Gabriel Havercamp were called down from the stands and received a check for their family on behalf of NCEMS who raised money to help them after losing their home to a devastating fire. 

They had a lot to recap for sports. They started by calling down the girl wrestlers and discussed previous meets and future meets. After the wrestlers, they had the boy's basketball team talk about their season. The basketball boys went back to their seats. Next, they had the volleyball girls come down to talk about their season and they got an award handed to them for winning the Big 7 League as Champions. The basketball girls also got an award once they got up there. From last year, 7th-grade track girls received the trophy that they had earned. 

Clare Wullshleger explained the game the girl wrestlers and boy basketball had to participate in. The game is called, “Flip Cup”. There were two teams of girls and two teams of boys. The two groups of girls had to race down to flip the cup right side up. After the girls game was done, the boys played. After a heated battle, we had two champions. The winning girl team and the winning boy team went head to head and the boys ended up winning. The boy team got a prize and everyone went back to their seats. The pep rally ended with the spirit stick challenge. The judges were two Middle School Teachers, Mrs. Stallbaumer and Mrs. Peterson. Everyone cheered their hearts out. The judges decided the winners. The winners are the 1st grade!

As always, NCEMS enjoyed their time at the Pep Rally and looks forward to attending future events at Nemaha Central.