Charli putting her opponent in a head lock

On Friday, January 19th, the NCMS girls wrestlers traveled to Abilene for their first meet. The girls tried their best and a couple of them came out with a win.

Three seventh graders wrestled and did well in their first meet. At 92 pounds Cora Langill wrestled and won both of her wrestling matches. Payson Rottinghaus wrestled at 103 pounds. Payson fought her hardest and won one of her matches and lost the other one. Khloe Crevier wrestled at 104 pounds. Khloe tried her best but lost both of her matches.

Three eighth graders wrestled and also did very well at their meet. Wrestling at 135 pounds, Lexi Lewis. Lexi put up a fight against her opponents, but she lost both of her matches. Charli Fleagle wrestled at 145 pounds. She fought as much as she could but sadly lost both of her matches. Delayna Ellis wrestled at 193 pounds. Delayna put up a very good fight and won one of her matches and lost her other one.

Charli Fleagle said, “ Everyone wrestled hard, but some didn’t come out on top. This was our first meet, so of course it was a new experience. We all had fun and hope to improve throughout the season. Thanks to everyone who came to watch!”

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