Dason Hill going up for a two point shot

The 8th grade game started off slow with the score after the first quarter being 10 to 8 with NC ahead. At the end of the first half, the score was 34 to 14 with NC ahead. At the end of the third quarter, the score was 47 to 20. The final score of the game was 53 to 23. The Eighth grade B team did not do as well as the A team with a final score of NC 15 and Holton 36.

Cormik Hajek said, “We played the best we have played so far and it was a great turnout.”

Number 15 Cormik Hajek was the leading scorer with 29 points. Number 13 Camden had 6 points. Number 21, Cater Stallbueme,r had 9 points. Number 22 Cole Raineri had 3 points. Number 34 Noah Hilbert has 6 points.

            The Seventh had a tough opponent. The A team lost their game 10-25 after a really hard battle. The score didn’t look that good but they played pretty well. The 7th grade B team won their game 22-10 after a really good game and fought their hardest battle of the year and did well. 

Kollin Wagner said, “We didn’t play our best and we could use some more practice.”

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