Kennedy going up for the shot

On November 28th, basketball fans gathered to watch the exhilarating game between Nemaha Central and Holton. The teams took the court, ready to showcase their skills and compete for victory. As the game progressed the team showed amazing teamwork as they fought for every rebound and shot and never backed down. First up was the 8th grade A team and they worked hard with a passion to come out on top. After that was the 8th grade B team. These girls played great together and made it look easy. At the end of these phenomenal games, all Nemaha Thunder Basketball girls came out on top with another win against the Holton Wildcats.

“We played very aggressively and took some great shots. We came out with another great win against Holton,” said Kennedy McKee.

It wasn’t just the action on the court that had the crowd buzzing. The halftime show, performed by the talented cheerleaders, was nothing short of extraordinary

7th graders also did well. The 7th grade A team was first up using outstanding skill to win the game.  Playing amazing offense and defense, the 7th grade A team won the game against Holton. Shortly after, the 7th grade B team was up to shoot their shot at winning. They played phenomenally and showed the Wildcats whose boss. They ended their game with another victory for the Thunder.

“We played very well and won against Holton,” said Zoey Streeter.