Bailey getting the rebound against Atchison

The Lady Thunder took on Riley County, Atchison, and Marysville on November 11. The seventh-grade team started the tournament by playing Riley County. The game was close in the first half but then the Thunder fell short in the second half. The ending score of the game was 11-37.

The eighth-grade team played Atchison. The eighth graders started off in the lead. Atchison played tough defense, as well as the Thunder. The Lady Thunder ended with the score of, 27-18. The Lady Thunder pulled away with a win. 

The seventh-grade team then took on Marysville. The Thunder started off strong and in the lead. This lead led the team to a victory with the ending score of, 25-8. 

The eighth-grade team took on Marysville. The girls started off strong but started to fall in the second quarter. The Thunder caught up to the Bulldogs in the fourth quarter. The Lady Thunder ended the game with the score of, 26-28. The eighth graders ended the tournament with one win and one loss. The seventh graders ended the tournament with one win and one loss. 

Karla Deters stated, “Playing two games was tough, but we played aggressively.”

“In the Atchison game, we played really tough the whole game, it was really close but we won,” said Macy Holthaus.