Macy Holthaus shooting a free throw

On Thursday, November 16, the NCMS girls basketball team played Jeff West at NC.

In the first half of the 8th grade A team, they ran the offense very well and got a big lead on
Jeff West. Going into the second half, they came out stronger and ended up winning 39-10.
Wrigly Willams said, “We fought hard, played our best offense yet, and came out with the win.”

Next up is the 8th grade B team. In the first half, they played tough and got a lead on Jeff West.
In the second half, they ended up winning 20-13.
Lexi Lewis said, “In the B team game it was a bit of a struggle, but we powered through it and
won the game.”

The 7th-grade A team fought really hard and played well. They ended up losing 11-42.
The 7th grade B team only played 2 quarters, but they fought really hard. The game was really
close in the end, and they ended up losing 7-8.