Kollin Wagner working hard to pin his opponent

On Tuesday, November 7th the NCMS wrestling team traveled to Riverside. There were only three teams at Riverside. The teams were Nemaha Central, Oskalosa, and Riverside. 

Five seventh graders wrestled on Tuesday. In the 75 pound weight class Tyson Bebe-Dishong 0-2. At the 90 pound weight class Hudson Kuckelman went 2-1. At the 140 pound weight class Tate Edelman went 0-2. In the 145 pound weight class Kaden Sperfslage went 2-0. Lastly in the 185 pound weight class Kollin Wagner went 0-2. The seventh grade wrestlers have learned a lot and will continue to work hard in practice. 

Kaden Sperfslage said, “Some won some lost some but everyone fought their hardest”.

         Six 8th grade wrestlers wrestled on the same day Landon Mady at 97 pounds went 3-0. Xavier Haverkamp at 99 pounds 0-3. Braden Macke at 103 pounds went 1-2. Noah Hilbert at 126 pounds went 0-2. Cole Ranieri at 130 pounds wrestling 150 went 0-2. Will Deters at 185 went 0-3. The eighth graders have been working hard in practice and will learn a lot more.

Xavier Haverkamp said, “Everyone wrestled their hardest even though not all of us won”.