team watches in suspense as Kaden battles his opponent

On Thursday the Nemaha Central Thunder Middle School Wrestling Team traveled to Perry Lecompton for the annual wrestling dual. The NCMS wrestled Holton, Onaga, and ACCMS. 

Four seventh graders wrestled on Thursday. At 90 pounds, Hudson Kuckelman went 1-2 . At 141, Tate Edelman went 2-1. At 150, Kaden Sperfslage went 1-2 . At 190, Kollin Wagner went 0-2. Tate Eldalman said, “We did good but there is still a lot for us to learn.” 

Four eighth graders wrestled on Saturday. At 105 pounds, Braden Macke went 3-1. At 127, Noah Hilbert went  2-2. At 134, Cole Ranieri went 1-2. At 185, Will Deters went 2-1. Noah Hilbert said, “We did good and we have improved a lot since the first meet.” 

The managers or injured teammates that went along were Alex Wichman, Delayna Ellis, Dason Hill, Landon Mady, and Tyson Beebe-Dishong.

The coaches of this year's wrestling team are Schuyler Mayberry, Andrew Beck, and Scott Sloop.

Nemaha Central is improving very fast and becoming the team to beat.