Kinsey and Macy fighting for the ball

On Thursday, November 9, the NCMS girls basketball played Perry-Lecompton at NC. 8th grade played in the main gym and 7th grade played in the secondary gym.

In the main gym 8th grade A team played first. It was a close game and it was very intense. The girls battled all the way throughout the game and ended up winning with a score of 18-14.

The 8th grade B team was next. The girls all tried their hardest and played very well. The girls won the game by almost 30 points! The score was 32-6.

In the secondary gym, the 7th grade A team played first. All of the girls fought their hardest. They didn’t win their game, but they tried their best. The score was 12-30.

After the 7th grade A team the B team played. They all played very well and they only played two quarters. The score of their game was 10-6.

7th grader Zoey Streeter said, “We didn't win, but we really did play hard and did our best!"

8th grader Wrigly Williams said “It may have been hard, but we got the job done. It may not have been our best, but we fought hard and won the game.”