First Grade Students Singing "Gobble Gobble"

On November 8, Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade classes performed their Lyrics and Literacy for all of their family and friends watching. The program was directed by the NCEMS music teacher, Chelsey Haverkamp. 

Kindergarten started the night off by singing, “Turkey Hokey Pokey” by Kiboomers. After that, they showed off their silly personalities by singing, “I Am a Pizza” by Gagne. They finished their performance by singing, “I’m A Little Scarecrow” by Ryder. The audience had a great time watching the Kindergarteners!

The first song the First Grade students sang was “Good Mood” by Levine. Every student was dressed up and sang their hearts out. All of the students looked like they were having fun! The next song they sang was “Just Sing” by A. Kendrick, J. Timberlake, and K. Clarkson. The first graders followed that and just kept singing. Each student was getting into the song and singing loud and proud. The last song of the night was “Gobble Gobble” by M. West. This song was a blast! There was no doubt everyone enjoyed that song! This song was about Thanksgiving and how much fun it is! 

The Second Graders came on stage ready to show off their singing and dancing skills. They performed a musical called, “Cookies!” by John Jacobson and Walter Jack. The songs that were included in the musical were, A Baker’s Round, My Batch, Who Wants a Cookie?, New Friends, and Hip Hip Hooray! The Second Graders did such a stellar job putting on a fantastic performance for the audience! 

After all the songs were done, each student went to their classrooms and showed off artwork and projects they had made in school. One project was a handprint turkey on a hand towel. Another was a paper wheel showing what each student was thankful for. 

All in all, each student had a lot of fun singing and showing off their art skills to other family and friends. Each grade level did a great job and had a lot of fun too!