costume parade

On October 31st, Nemaha Central Elementary and Middle School celebrated Halloween by having classroom parties and a costume parade around the school. Students dressed up in their costumes and had a fabulous time participating in all of the Halloween activities! 


The Preschoolers had lots of fun at their Halloween party. The activities they did were guessing the witch, tossing eyeballs in the bucket, making Spookily the Pumpkin, and making lanyards. The preschool has a morning and afternoon class. Each of those classes really enjoyed their Halloween Party along with dressing up in their costumes!


All of the kindergarteners were dressed up and looked amazing for Halloween. Mrs. Haug’s class and Mrs. Roever’s class were having so much fun doing activities like bean bag tossing into a pumpkin, Halloween Bingo, dice rolling, and stacking spiders of straws connected to play dough. There was even some spooky Halloween music playing in the background to set the fun mood! All of the kids looked amazing in their costumes and had so much fun playing the games. All of the kids had fun dressing up and can’t wait to get a lot of candy!

First Grade 

The kids had a ton of fun at their Halloween parties. There were lots of giggles and laughter. The kids were doing activities such as wrapping each other in toilet paper to look like mummies, making ghost art, throwing rings at candy corn cones, decorating donuts, and pinning the spider. The kids had yummy snacks such as juice boxes and the donuts that they decorated. The room was filled with laughs and smiles and the kids had an amazing time.

Second Grade

The kids started their Halloween party off by getting to their amazing costumes and then started off with a teamwork activity by forming a line and passing ten candy corns off a paper pumpkin and down the line with plastic spoons to get to the other paper pumpkin. After that, they played a fun round of Halloween bingo with candy corn marking their spots. They enjoyed laughing about kids getting a bingo and having fun with their teacher.  They did a fun art spider web activity by drawing a spider web with a white colored pencil onto a paper plate and painting it.

Third Grade 

The third graders had lots of fun throwing marshmallows into a cup and taking candy corn from one cup to another in one minute. They definitely showed their friendly competitive side during this challenge and lots of laughter filled the room. The kids also had a great time shooting plastic cups and paper ghosts with darts. 

Fourth Grade

The kids had a lot of fun at the parties! They were all laughing and smiling. They played a lot of fun games including, shoot for a prize, pass the candy, pin the eye on the zombie, cornhole, mystery box, and painting a picture. To end the parties they watched a movie. The kids got lots of candy and drinks from the parties, such as juice packets and many different Halloween candies. The rooms were filled with laughter and many smiles. 

Fifth Grade

The fifth grade was having a blast at their Halloween party! This year the students were in charge of organizing and preparing the materials for this year‘s Halloween party. Both classes had a lineup of fun activities this year, Mrs. Holthaus’s class played spooky cup pong, face muscle games, and charades. Mrs. Sullivan’s class played bingo, punch the cupboard, and went outside for the remainder of their party. This year's PTO provided mini pringle cans for the students to enjoy. 

Costume Parade

At 1 o’clock, Kindergarten through 5th grade dressed up for everyone to see their fabulous costumes. They walked through the whole building and came to the gym for community members and parents to see. 


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