Lady Thunder working hard to defend the basket

On Monday, October 30th, our Middle School Girls Basketball team traveled to Holton. The girls were ready to play hard and they wanted to come home with a win. 

8A played first in the Middle School and the first quarter wasn’t pretty. But, the girls fought hard and battled back with a halftime score of 22-8. The girls were pumped up, ready to score more. They came out tough and dominated the 2nd half with a final score of 39-23. Great job girls! 8B played next. Holton came out tough, but NC did too. They kept battling even though they were tired. NC was up by one point at halftime.  In the third quarter, the girls were optimistic and ready to play again. They kept battling throughout the rest of the game but came out with a loss. The final score was 22-28.  Even though they lost, they all worked very hard. 

“It was a hard-fought game, we started making our shots at the end. We ended up coming home with the win.” said 8th grader Clare Wullschleger.

7A was in the high school, and in the first quarter, the girls were on fire. They were doing great with a final score of 6-0 in the first quarter. They kept doing great in the second quarter and went into halftime with their heads high. But in the 3rd quarter, Holton caught up. Going into the fourth quarter, the game was close. Unfortunately, Holton came out with the win, the final score being 16-23. 7B only played 3 quarters and the game was close until the end. They won 13-10.

“We played really good, and it was really close. We just didn’t pull through, but we definitely got better,” said Jayla Nolte.

Altogether, the Thunder played well and got better. 8A won: 8B lost: 7A lost: 7B won.

Great job girls!