Kinsey at the free throw line after being fouled

On October 26, the NCMS Girls basketball team took on Hiawatha. The eighth-grade A team battled throughout the whole game. The first quarter was pretty rough, but the girls kept battling and got better throughout the game. The girls were being aggressive, and lots of fouls were called. The Eighth grade A team ended the game winning 22-17. Next up was the Eighth Grade B team. The B team kept up their hard work and led the entire game. The girls were running their plays well, and there were also many fouls called. They also won 26-9.

“It was really rough in the beginning but we kept going and won the games,” said Macy Holthaus.

The seventh-grade girls' basketball game was tough. In the first half of the game, the girls were struggling. Then in the second half of the game, they were scoring a lot more points. The girls were being more aggressive and pushing to be their best. The 7th girls tried their best but came up short losing the A game 17-37.  In the B game, they were so close but sadly lost 13-14. The girls fought hard and tried their best. 

“Our team works the hardest we can and if we lose, we still celebrate for how hard we work to score,” said Karla Deters.