Mack showing off his awesome juggling skills

NCEMS hosted its talent show on October 25th. To start off had two checks to present to the Knowles family. The second grade held a fundraiser as well as the sixth grade. The second grade held a school-wide pajama day and the sixth grade held a raffle at the homecoming game. 

To start off the talent show, Abbott jammed out on the guitar to Iron Man and rocked it. Payson performed a gymnastics routine with her outstanding cartwheels. Anna and Ethan both played the piano and did a wonderful job mastering the keys. Mack showed us his impressive juggling skills. Jayla sang “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus and her voice was spectacular and had the crowd in awe. Kelsey Weber commented on Jayla’s performance, saying, “My favorite part was Jayla singing the song.” 

Landen Stallbaumer solved a Rubix cube in an impressive time of 16 seconds after having three audience members mix up the cube. “I was nervous and it was easy solving the Rubik's cube,” Landon stated.  The NC nightingales, Reese and Kaleah,  danced to “Elvira”. Their dance got the crowd smiling and singing along. 

Madison and Zoey showed the audience their amazing gymnastics skills in their performance! Payton showed off her artistic skills and made a beautiful chalk art piece. Graham, Landry, and Rowan dressed up in inflatable costumes and performed several dances that got the crowd roaring with laughter. “I was used to it because I did it last year, but my friends didn’t. I got scared whenever Landry’s suit started deflating, but it was funny”, Graham Lueger said. 

“The Talent Show is a big hit every year and everyone at NCEMS seems to enjoy it. I’m very proud of all of the kids that signed up because it takes a lot of courage to do that because we know our school is full of very talented kids.”  Mrs Koch stated. 

More pictures of the Talent Show: