Zoey and Madison going up in a stunt

NCEMS middle school cheerleaders attended Highland Community College Spirit Spreader on September 9th from 8:00am to 2:45pm. The cheerleaders started by learning a dance to “waka waka”, then learned their first band cheer of the day. The cheerleaders then learned 3 other cheers, office, defense, and general. The cheerleaders ate lunch along with the other cheer squads, lunch was not provided. After lunch, they learned stunting skills and safety precautions. Our 3 squads each worked on perfecting their stunts and routines. The spirit spreader ended by a dance to Get Silly and a review of their band cheer. Kadence Buessing said, “It was fun to see how all the other schools stunt and tumble.” Alexis Beebe-Dishing said, “The spirit spreader was really fun, it was definitely an experience! My favorite part was when we stunted!”


  • Ella Sourk

  • Zoey Lockhart 

  • Claire Sourk

  • Kadence Buessing

  • Cora Langill

  • Lilly lies 

  • Evelyn Ba Coc

  • Jayden Weaver 

  • Clare Wullschleger 

  • Alexis Beebe-dishong 

  • Madison Ward

  • Kynley Enneking

  • Madison Bell