girls celebrate a point over Royal Valley

On Thursday, September 7th our middle school volleyball teams played an away game against Royal Valley. The 8th grade A team started out tough but persevered and came out with the win. The first set 25-11, second set 25-16. Sadly in the third set they lost by two making the score 15-13. The 8th grade B team also won against Royal Valley. They dominated with the first set being 25-12, second set 25-13, third set 15-12

Nola Sudbeck said, “It was an exciting game, we lost some points, but recovered and got the win.”

Meanwhile, in Hoyt, the 7th grade A team won their game, the first set was close with a score of 25-20, second set 25-19, third set 15-12. The 7th grade B team also won their game. First set 25-15, second set 25-20, and the third set 15-7.

Olivia Hermesh said, “Everything finally came together, we played like a team and worked hard.”

Overall, our Nemaha Central Volleyball teams played very well and defeated Royal Valley.

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