tied up in the second quarter

On Thursday, September 7th, the Thunder traveled south to Hoyt, Kansas, to face the Royal Valley Panthers. The Thunder and the Panthers both started the season off 1-0 and were looking to make it 2-0.

The Thunder kicked off to Royal Valley to start the game. On the opening drive the Thunder got an interception on third down. The Thunder got their first score on a touchdown pass making it 6-0. The Thunder scored the 2-point conversion, making it 8-0. The Panthers scored their first touchdown off a rushing touchdown and scored the 2-point conversion, making it 8-8. The Thunder answered back getting a touchdown and 2-point conversion ending the quarter 16-8.

Royal Valley's rushing attack didn’t stop with them getting another touchdown and 2-point conversion making it 16-16. The Thunder scored another touchdown and took the lead making it 24-16. Royal Valley kept fighting, scoring another touchdown and 2-point conversion making it 24-24. The Thunder couldn’t score before half and the halftime score was 24-24.

The Panthers kickoff the second half getting the ball on an onside kick. The Thunder answered back, getting a stop and taking possession of the ball. The Thunder were also stopped, making it Panthers possession. The Panther scored but were stopped on the 2-point conversion making it 30-24. The Thunder score once more but get stopped on the 2-point conversion ending the quarter 30-30. 

Royal Valley scores again and completes the 2-point conversion making the score 38-30. The Thunder get a touchdown and make the 2-point conversion tying it 38-38. Royal Valley scores a touchdown but doesn’t get the 2-point conversion and takes the lead 44-38. The Panthers get an interception ending the game 44-38.

Even though the Thunder lost, it was a hard-fought game. They had a lot of times where they couldn’t get a stop which could’ve changed the game. The Thunder’s record went to 1-1 and are looking to get a win next week.

“It was a hard-fought game and we had a lot of fun,” Said Tyson Beebe-Dishong.

“We played hard and had a well-fought game but it didn’t end the way we wanted,” said Dason Hill.

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