Kinders & their grandfriends enjoying a game of Bingo

On Friday, September 1, 2023 the Kindergarteners welcomed their grandfriends to celebrate. With smiles on their faces and giving them hugs they made their way to the gym to sit down to have some fun. 

To start off the celebration, the teachers handed out Bingo cards to each kid and grandfriend. A few Bingo’s later, the kids rushed down to get their piece of candy. After every kid got a Bingo, they took a break to get ready to sing and dance. “I really enjoyed dancing to the song Milkshake, but my favorite part was getting candy,” said Kindergartener Kraighton Wagner.

Once Bingo was done, they took a short break to get everything ready before they began dancing. The song they danced to was milkshake. “I had a lot of fun playing bingo with my grandfriends, but my favorite part was singing and dancing,” said Kindergartener Laney Haug. The Kindergarteners had so much fun showing their grandfriends their cool dance moves they had learned. 

Overall, everyone had a blast and the Kindergarteners and grandfriends all left with smiles on their faces.