Noah Hilbert goes for a tackle

The Nemaha Central Middle School football team started their season off with an awesome game against Perry. They hosted the game on August 31, 2023. Perry came in with tough looks but NC came in prepared. 

NC started off great in the first quarter. Perry started to score a little in the second quarter, but not enough to catch up with NC. By just the first half of the game NC had 46, Perry had 16. Going into the fourth quarter the score was 52-16. The final score was 52-22. 

“We played really good. It was a great battle and we came out with the win,” quoted Cormik Hajek, number 6. 

“We never gave up and we worked hard,” said Hudson Kuckleman, number 1. 

It was sure a great way to start this year’s football season off. Hopefully, they can keep up all the hard work and win their next game against Royal Valley.