8th Grade B Team getting hyped up for their first match

On Thursday, August 31st our middle school volleyball team played Perry-Lecompton in a home game. The game started off strong with the 8th grade A team winning both sets 25-6, second set 25-5. The 8th grade B team’s first set’s score was 25-6, their second set was 25-17 resulting in a victory against the Kaws. 8th grade C team’s first set was 25-17, their second set was 25-10. Overall, the 8th grade C team won. All together 8th grade worked hard and had some great team spirit.

Alivia Stallbaumer excitedly said, “we played hard and beat them!”

Meanwhile, on the other court, 7th grade A team’s first set was 16-25, their second set was 19–25. Their third set was 1-15. Unfortunately, 7th grade A team lost. 7th grade B started with their first set 25-17, their second set was 25-16 and their third set was 13-15. The 7th grade B team won. 7th graders played well and worked hard.

Overall, our Lady Thunder Volleyball team played hard and can’t wait to play their next game.