4th grade boys giving it their all for the spirit stick

The NCMS started off the pep rally with a fun cheer and the crowd followed along.

Dr. Beck welcomed everyone to the very first pep rally of the year and introduced the cheer
team. The NCMS cheer team has a large squad of girls this year consisting of 12 cheerleaders.

Mrs. Honeyman introduced the Volleyball team. Each player introduced themselves and the
position they play. She shared her positive outlook on the season and talked about how hard the
girls have worked in their practices. Nikki Honeyman is the 8th grade volleyball coach and Carly
Hill is the 7th grade volleyball coach. Lisa Holthaus is the assistant coach.
Mr. Hiltgen introduced his Football team. Just like Volleyball, each player introduced themselves
and the position they play. Mr. Hiltgen also introduced the assistant coaches, Jesse Helm and
Michael Ohlsen.

For the game, cheerleaders called out the names for the 3 teams. 3 people stood at one
side of the court and the other 3 stood on the other. The first person in line had a broom and a
potato, when they said go they would roll the potato with the broom across the court to the other
person giving them the broom and continuing.
Mrs. Haverkamp & Mrs. Bass had the 8th graders lead the fight song. They stood in a circle and
sang us the song.
Dr. Beck announced that they were doing the spirit stick. The cheerleaders led the victory chant.
It started with the teachers, then the 8th grade, and went down. Then Mr. D and Mrs. Honeyman
chose which grade yelled victory the loudest. While Mr. D and Mrs Honeyman were deciding the
students and cheerleaders were drum rolling. Once they finally decided they yelled 4TH GRADE
WINS! And Mr. D handed the Spirit stick to the 4th graders.
We asked the 4th grade how they felt about winning and this is what Reese Martin said, “The
potato game was fun and creative!”
We also asked Kemper Scism how he felt about the pep rally. He said, “It was good but
preschool should have won. Definitely one of the best pep rallies.”
Dr. Beck concluded the event and Mrs. Koch dismissed each grade level and as they walked
out, the cheerleaders led them in a spirit tunnel. Then, each grade went back to their class.