The girls celebrate a point against the Eagles

The Nemaha Central Middle School volleyball girls hosted the Silverlake volleyball girls in their first game of the season here at NC on August, 28th. The team consists of 22 eighth graders and 12 seventh graders. The girls’ manager is Bella Bittenbender and the coaches are Nikki Honeyman, Carly Hill, and Lisa Holthaus. The girls worked really hard but fell short in a few matches. 

The eighth-grade A team started off strong winning the first set 25-22. They then fell short losing the second set 26-24. They unfortunately lost the third set 15-10. Overall, the A team lost with a score of two sets to one.

Kennedy McKee- “We didn’t play our best but at the next game we will play as a team and work harder.”

The eighth-grade B team dominated the first set 25-12. Then beat Silver Lake 25-19 in the second set. But then got defeated 13-15 in the third set. Overall, the B team won two of the three sets.

The seventh-grade A team lost their first set 15-25. In the second set, they lost again 9-25. Sadly, the game ended with a loss of 8-15 in the third set. Overall, the seventh-grade A team lost zero to three sets.

Piper Hiltgen- “Even when we were down, we still kept our heads up.”

The seventh-grade B team fell short in their first set 14-25. In their second set, they unfortunately lost 11-25. Finally, in their third set, they beat Silver Lake 16-14. Overall the seventh-grade B team lost two sets to one.

Unfortunately, the Thunder teams lost three of their four games. The eighth-grade B team was the only team to dominate the Eagles. Despite the losses, the Thunder team remains optimistic about the rest of the season.