7th grade girls relay

The Nemaha Central Middle School athletes traveled to Holton to compete in the Big 7 league track meet on Tuesday, May 9. The Teams that competed at Holton were Holton, Nemaha Central, Hiawatha, Sabetha, Royal Valley, Perry-Lecompton, Riverside, and Jeff West. These are the results of the meet.

8th Grade Boys:

200M Hurdles- Conner Lueger, 5th, 30.28

100M Dash- Logan Richards, 5th, 12.98

200M Dash- Logan Richards, 5th, 26.27

400M Dash- Conner Lueger, 2nd, 56.29; Will Young, 6th, 1:00

800M Run- Brady Koch, 1st, 2:20; Harry Langill, 6th, 2:29

1600M Run- Brady Koch, 1st, 5:04; Colten Corby, 6th, 5:42

3200M Run- Harry Langill, 1st, 11.26

4x400M Relay- Brady Koch, Will Young, Logan Richards, and Conner Lueger, 1st, 4:00

Discus- Kalem Schmelzle, 1st, 124’ 7”

Shot Put- Kyler Ganstrom, 2nd, 38’ 5”

Javelin- Kalem Schmelzle, 3rd, 127’ 5”;  Will Young, 6th, 100’ 10”

High Jump- Carson Edelman, 3rd, 5’ 6”

Long Jump- Colton Blume, 3rd, 16’ 1.75”

Triple Jump- Brady Koch, 1st, 36’ 0.5”; Mason Schultejans, 2nd, 36’ 0.5”

8th Grade Girls:

100M Hurdles- Hailey Meyer, 4th, 19.93

200M Hurdles- Ali Henry, 2nd, 35.78

800M Run- Maggie Jones, 5th, 3:06

4x100M Relay- Rachel Nordhus, Austin Jones, Maggie Jones, and Kendra Schmitz, 6th, 1:02

4x200M Relay- Ali Henry, Emma Hermesch, Payton Huerter, and Alex Burkitt, 4th, 2:05

Discus- Emma Hermesch, 2nd, 76’ 0”

Shot Put- Emma Hemesch, 2nd, 36’ 8”

Javelin- Marin Heinen, 4th, 93’ 5”

High Jump- Payton Huerter, 2nd, 4’ 6”

Long Jump- Payton Huerter, 3rd, 14’ 1”

Triple Jump- Ali Henry, 2nd, 28’ 7.5”

7th Grade Boys:

200M Hurdles- Noah Hilbert, 6th, 34.14

100M Dash- Dason Hill, 4th, 13.33

400M Dash- Dason Hill, 2nd, 1:00

800M Run- Cole Raneri, 2nd, 2:28

1600M Run- Cormik Hajek, 4th, 5:40

3200M Run- Camden Scism, 4th, 13.43

4x100M Relay- Noah Hilbert, Will Deters, Braden Macke, and Ryan Koch, 6th, 1:03

4x200M Relay- Dason Hill, Braden Macke, Camden Scism, and Cormik Hajek, 4th, 1:54

4x400M Relay- Dason Hill, Cormik Hajek, Carter Stallbaumer, and Cole Ranieri, 2nd, 4:19

Discus- Will Deters, 6th, 89’ 0”

Shot Put- Will Deters, 5th, 30’ 3”

High Jump- Noah Hilbert, 5th, 4’ 10”

Long Jump- Carter Stallbaumer, 6th, 14’ 2”

7th Grade Girls:

200M Hurdles- Macy Holthaus, 2nd, 33.87

100M Dash- Meg Honeyman, 5th, 14.69

200M Dash-  Bailey Snyder, 3rd, 29.81

400M Dash- Kennedy McKee, 3rd, 1:08

800M Run- Kennedy McKee, 1st, 2:43

1600M Run- Macy Holthaus, 2nd, 6:05

3200M Run- Wrigly Williams, 6th, 15.30

4x100M Relay- Bailey Wnyder, Meg Honeyman, Clare Wullschleger, and Nola Sudbeck, 1st

4x200M Relay- Alivia Stallbaumer, Kaydence Heiman, Clare Wullschleger, and Alexis Beebe-Dishong, 6th, 2:12

4x400M Relay- Bailey Snyder, Macy Holthaus, Meg Honeyman, and Kennedy McKee, 1st, 4:40

Shot Put- Kinsey Monier, 1st, 33’ 5”; Alexis Beebe-Dishong, 6th, 27’ 4”

Javelin- Bailey Snyder, 1st, 116’ 3”; Kinsey Monier, 2nd, 93’ 8”; Alivia Stallbaumer, 70’ 4.5”

High Jump- Macy Holthaus, 4th, 4’ 2”; Ava Nolte, Tie for 6th, 4' 0"

Long Jump- Nola Sudbeck, 2nd, 14’ 8.5”; Meg Honeyman, 4th, 13’ 6”

Triple Jump- Nola Sudbeck, 1st, 29’ 1.5”; Kaydence Heiman, 6th, 27' 11"

Overall the track team has worked hard all season long and has had so many accomplishments. The 8th grade boys placed 1st with 111.5 points, the 8th grade girls placed 5th with 61 points, the 7th grade boys placed 5th with 48 points, and the 7th grade girls placed 1st with 119.33 points.

Several school records were broken this track season.  The following are the new 7th grade school record holders:

Macy Holthaus in the 200 meter hurdles

Bailey Snyder in the javelin; also a league record

Clare Wullschleger, Meg Honeyman, Bailey Snyder, and Nola Sudbeck in the 4 x 100 meter relay

Bailey Snyder, Macy Holthaus, Meg Honeyman, and Kennedy McKee in the 4 x 400 meter relay

Bailey Snyder, Macy Holthaus, Meg Honeyman, and Kennedy McKee in the Medley relay

Cole Raneri in the 800 meter run

Carter Stallbaumer, Dason Hill, Cormik Hajek, and Cole Ranieri in the 4 x 200 meter relay

Carter Stallbaumer, Dason Hill, Cormik Hajek, and Cole Ranieri in the 4 x 400 meter relay

The following are the new 8th grade school record holders:

Payton Huerter tie in the high jump

Conner Lueger in the 400 meter dash

Brady Koch in the 800 meter run

Brady Koch in the 1600 meter run

Harry Langill in the 3200 meter run

Brady Koch, Logan Richards, Will Young, and Conner Lueger in the 4 x 400 meter relay

Conner Lueger in the 200 meter hurdles

Kyler Ganstrom in the shot put

Carson Edelman in the high jump

Kalem Schmelzle in the javelin; also a league record

This season was definitely one to remember. Great season all track athletes!

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