8th Grade Splash

The eighth grade at Nemaha Central Middle School raced their boats at the Seneca Aquatic pool on Friday, May 12.  The boat races are a science project that the eighth graders get to participate in every year. The students are only allowed to use cardboard and duct tape to construct their boats.   The students are graded partly on their boats' ability to cross the length of the pool and other criteria. 

 The eighth grade students have been working hard to make the perfect boat. Every boat has a name and a theme that goes along with the name. Below is a list of every boat’s name and group members. 

Boat Names and Participants 

Barnacle Buccaneers by Graham Korber, Ben Bletscher, Tyler Nolte, and Isaac Heinen

 Banana Boat by Kendra Schmitz, Payton Huerter, and Haley Wood

 The Swift Drift by Marin Heinen and Alex Burkitt

 Hillbilly Yacht by Gable Lozano Feldkamp, Caleb Hynek, Logan Richards, and Aiden Streeter

 Boat F-750 by Harper Foster, Parker Bergman, Colten Corby, and Gus Rusche

 The Boat-Mobile by Kaiden Sura, Mason Schultejans, Kalem Schmelzle, and Jeremy Rohlmeier

Jawsome by Harry Langill, Will Young, Ella Huerter, and Austin Jones

 Fortnite Boat by Noah Broxterman and Kamden Alexander

 Barbie Life in The Boathouse by Mykal Novotny, Makenzie Howard, and Rachel Nordhus

Wave-Runner by Antonella Cano, Hailey Meyer, and Alexis Tangeman

Titanic II by Brady Koch, Kyler Ganstrom, Conner Lueger, and Carson Edelman

 Minion Mobile by Ali Henry, Emma Hermesch, Teagan Lueger, and Maggie Jones

Cardboard Cruiser by Miles Beyer and Deryk Rosenberger

Dumb & Dumbest by Colton Blume and Hayden Rottinghaus

 Lite Queen by Madison Hoskins, Alexis Spring, McKenzie Rottinghaus, and Addison Tangeman

"It was cool to see everyone's creativity," said Carson Edelman.

There were four awards that the groups could win. The Fastest Boat Award went to Titanic II with a school record of 21.16.  The Davy Jones Locker Award which is awarded to the group whose boat sinks the best went to Barnacle Buccaneers. The Best Dressed Crew Award which is awarded to the group who is dressed the best according to their theme went to the Minion Mobile. The Best Boat Design/Decoration Award which is awarded to the group with the best boat design and decorations went to Titanic II.  Every group is eager to win these rewards, but probably not the Davy Jones Locker Award.

"The race was fun and I liked to see all the ideas for the boats," said Ali Henry.

The boat project is a great ending for the eighth grade school year.  Students look forward to this project every year.

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