Mr. Krause conducts the band class.

The band students in fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade played in the spring band concert directed by Mr. Todd Krause on Monday, May 8. The students have been in and out of the band room working hard to sound the best for their end of the year band concert.

To start off the concert night, the fifth grade students played "Camptown Races," soon after that they played “Chiapanecas,” “Cossack Dance,” “Sakura Sakura,” “Down By The Station,” “Variations on a Familiar Theme,” "Banana Boat,” then finally “Trombone Rag.” These students played great and look forward to learning their instruments better next year.

Evan Bletscher said, “We sounded good for how long we've practiced.”

Next up,  the sixth grade students started the second part of the program. Their songs included “La Bamba,” “Deimos,” and “Dragon Slayer.” These students have been working hard all semester to perfect these songs.

To close the night out right, the seventh and eighth grade students played the more advanced songs such as “Baywood Overture,” “Big Circus March," "In The Hall of the Mountain King,” and “Sweet Caroline." The seventh and eighth grades combined at the end of the year and played these great songs together.

Maggie Jones said, "We did very well, we’ve improved since our first concert.”

The students played great, as the parents proudly cheered for them after each song. This concert was the eighth grade band's last concert in middle school. The school thanks them for their hard work and dedication to the music program for the last couple of years. Hopefully, the younger students can continue to play and carry on the great music program Nemaha Central provides.

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