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Cash Balances

CASH BALANCES The term “cash balances” in the school finance world may be better understood if they were called “reserve balances”. These cash, or reserve balances normally peak on the first day of the fiscal year which is July 1. In the ideal situation, these reserve balances are adequate to pay the expenses for the next fiscal year.   The Kansas school finance system is based on . . .

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Possible School Shutdown----Update June 8

Basic Information About Possible Shutdown of Distirct

Information About School Shutdown Update June 8 I am sure that many of you have heard about the Supreme Court Ruling of the equity of the School Funding Formula being unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has given the Kansas Legislature until June 30 to find a fix to the formula or face school closures. At this point, the Legislature has not shown any indication that they plan to resolve this issue. With that being . . .

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