Early out on Mondays for people with no tardies and no missing assignments and no Fs for the previous week -

Guidelines for Early Out

  • The list will be based on the previous weeks tardies/missing work/Fs
    • Example: Aug. 20-24 determines Aug. 27th early out list
  • The office will create a list of “stayers” from PowerSchool
  • Late work must be turned in by 3:05 on Friday to be removed from the list
  • The office will run the list at 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning
  • Teachers will label assignments in PowerSchool as missing if a student needs to stay

Dismissal for Early Out

  • Seminar will be moved to late
  • All students will report to seminar
  • Teachers will take attendance and dismiss anyone not on the list that the office sends out
  • Students who are eligible to leave can choose to stay and work in the library or in the gym
  • Students who have to stay will stay in their Seminar room
  • People who are staying are not allowed to use their computer unless it is for a confirmed educational purpose
  • This is supposed to be silent work time
  • No Music!
  • No Cell Phones! - If a student requests to go to another classroom they need to leave their phone behind.